Winter Survival Kit For Your Car – Must have items

Winter is coming! No seriously, it is! Being prepared is no joke, especially if you have to drive out on the winter roads. Here are a few items you need in a winter survival kit for your car. Make sure to add in a 3-day supply of medications, pet food, and compact food like granola bars, peanut butter packets, and other snacks that your family enjoys. Have either a large plastic tote in your truck or a large bag that has all the supplies you will need in a winter emergency.

Weego JS12 12000mAh Jump Starter Heavy Duty Battery Pack for Mobile Devices and Car Batteries

First thing to go in your Winter Survival Kit should be this Weego JS12 12000mAh Jump Starter Heavy Duty Battery Pack for Mobile Devices and Car Batteries. Not only will it charge up your mobile phone, but it also jump starts your car! Don’t go anywhere without this little guy this winter!



Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottles are the best water bottles on the market. They keep things warm or cold for hours and they don’t freeze. These are a popular item with teenagers and outdoor enthusiasts and would make a great gift for their winter survival kit as well!


Snow Brush

Having a Snow Brush in the car is a no-brainer to wipe the snow off of the windows. The other end is a scraper to get the ice off of the window. Make sure to turn your car’s defrost on to loosen up the ice while you use the scraper.


Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

Another tool you will need is the Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel. If you end up in a snow bank, you will need to shovel your way out. This shovel will do the job so you can get back on the road.


Fire Retardant Wool Camping Blanket

There might be times when you are stuck in the car for a few hours on a cold, winter night. Bundle up in this Fire Retardant Wool Camping Blanket. Wool fibers naturally repel water and will keep you warm and dry.  Any winter survival kit should have a blanket, but these are the best bet for emergencies.


Emergency Thermal Mylar Blankets

In really cold situations, wrap up in Emergency Thermal Mylar Blankets. Warning though – these suckers are loud! Every time you move they will crinkle. They are hard to sleep in, but at least you will be warm!


AAA Severe Weather Road Kit

Each type of premade emergency kit has certain things and the AAA Severe Weather Road Kit has the key essentials. There is a small medical kit, fleece gloves and blanket, hand warmers and a mylar blanket, plus a small shovel and scraper. You will want the longer handled shovel though if you need to get out of more than a foot of snow!


Emergency Water Pouches

Have a case of Emergency Water Pouches in your car at all times. They have a 5-year shelf time and a temperature storage range of -22 to 149 F.


Survival Flashlight

Make sure to have a Survival Flashlight in your car this winter. I store mine in my glove box though and not in my winter kit so I can have it within arms reach if needed. It not only is a flashlight and can charge your phone, but it has emergency flashers, a seat belt cutter, and a window breaking hammer.


Winter Emergency Car Kit

This Winter Emergency Car Kit is to help get your car out of the ditch or snow drift. It includes, among other things, a 2,000 lb tow rope, bungee cords, and cable ties in addition to a medical kit and fleece gloves and blanket.


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