Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course


Flagstaff Extreme Course

Adrenaline rush, intense moments, crazy excitement, wild laughter, yells of “I did it!” – all things I vividly remember from my extreme course adventure at Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course.


Extreme Course Zip Line

Recently, Jason and Mariah Rohr, directors of the privately owned international house of Flagstaff, had the opportunity to tackle this adventure for the first time.  Mariah enthusiastically said, “We loved it!”  She also mentioned that they finished all 5 levels with the zip lines being the best.  When asked what she liked, she said she loved the challenge of the course and that is was fun when they let more than 1 person on the bridges at a time to make it ‘kind of crazy’.

She liked how they allow the course to be individual and independent by teaching you through the demo course and then letting you manage your own harness on the course yourself while being well-supervised.  She thought the course was well thought out and well patrolled with staff to help those who need help and to aid those not using their equipment properly.  She also added that she thought the price point of $50 per adult was well worth it.

I tackled this adventure with two other friends who just happen to be very athletic.  My conclusion – whether you are the athletic type or not – you can do this and have a blast doing it too!  You might ask, “What kind of courses do you mean?” I am talking about an obstacle course in the air – in the heights of the Ponderosa Pine forest! Sometimes as low as 15 feet off the ground to as high as 60 feet off the ground. Yes, these courses contain crazy high zip lines and zany bridges and unstable, erratic crossings that require concentration, balance and skill. It encourages team building and confidence building. Families do it. Corporate groups do it. Church groups do it. Scout groups do it. Fitness groups do it. All kinds of birthday parties and those that just make up types of parties do it. It is extreme fun for ages 7 and up!

Ramsey Bergeron (far right) with wife and friends

Ramsey Bergeron (far right) with wife and friends

Last year, my husband and I went back to Extreme in hopes of interviewing staff and guests on the course. We met a group that was coming off the last course just as we arrived. Ramsey and Ashley Bergeron, and their two friends all live in the greater Phoenix area. They came to Flagstaff for the express purpose of experiencing the Flagstaff Extreme Course. Ramsey has his own personal training studio in Scottsdale, AZ, and he spoke to us from his realm of expertise.   Here is what he said about the course and what to bring if you come:

“It was a perfect mix of challenge and safety. Having multiple courses of increasing difficulty allows people of all skill levels to participate and feel accomplished.  The staff was also incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.  My advice? Bring a water bottle with a carabiner clip to attach to your belt on the course. And make sure to not just have water in it! Use a hydration mix to help you get electrolytes like EAS Hydrate to keep your energy up and head clear, especially if you do all five courses!”

He also inspired us with comments about our much loved home of Flagstaff, AZ – He says, “In regards to Flagstaff itself, I try to get up to Flagstaff as much as possible in summer months, and two years ago my wife and I rented a home for three months there.  Lake Mary road is the perfect spot for me to take my bike and spend a few hours riding in the cool mountain air. After the ride, downtown Flag is full of locally owned and operated shops with tons of dining options. Karma sushi and Diablo Burger are two of my favorites.  For hikers or geocachers, the options are endless! We came up several times to hike Mt Humphreys last year preparing for a trip to Machu Picchu back in June. Along the way we found a few caches that were fun and challenging as well.”


If you live in the valley and are in need of a personal trainer, Ramsey adds this about himself, “I have my own Personal Training Studio in Scottsdale. I’m NASM certified and love looking for outdoor experiences to challenge me. I’ve hiked the Inca Trail, through the Fjordland in New Zealand and completed 5 full Ironman triathlons. And I couldn’t have done ANY of it without being able to train in Flagstaff!” Check it out – Go to www.bergerontraining.com.

You do not want to miss the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course! It is amazing, a blast and an incredible opportunity to bond with the friends, family or corporate group you are with at the time!


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A special thanks to Mariah Rohr and to Ramsey for their interviews and Ramsey’s email comments!  Thanks Mariah and Ramsey!

By Leslie Crawley

Assistant to Jacki Tait

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