Giving – It’s That time of Year

Giving – It’s that time of year when many people do some ‘giving’ to their favorite charity, various churches and non-profits for year end tax purposes.  The Thanksgiving holiday is over – but the ‘giving’ of thanks is something we should never get over.  Thinking and pondering over what this word actually means may ‘give’ us a fresh new approach for our 2017 new year.

According to, the word ‘give’ means:  ” to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation”.  How many times do we ‘give’ in order to ‘receive’?  Do we really ‘give’ without expecting any return as a result of our giving?  At this time of year, we ‘give’ to a charity expecting a receipt so we can take it off our 2016 taxes.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, and I am grateful we can; but sometimes the actual charity, church or non-profit are seen as a way to ‘save money’ on our taxes instead of realizing the incredible organization itself.  Sometimes realizing the incredible benefit we receive when we expect nothing back in return is actually the best ‘gift’ we can ‘give’ ourselves.

This Kansas City, Missouri business man (video) gives away approximately $100,000 a year to strangers he has never met.  I doubt very seriously that he receives a ‘receipt’ in return for his good deeds.  In 2014, disguised as ‘Secret Santa’, he arranged for policemen to help him in his giving endeavor.  CBS News’ Scott Pelley announces in the video that the policemen are “armed to the teeth with Benjamins” – $1000 in hundred dollar ‘Benjamin Franklin’ bills.

 The word ‘give’ also means:  “to hand to someone, to place in someone’s care, to grant opportunity”.  This is exactly what this ‘Secret Santa’ does when he hands over $100 bills for someone else to care for and use. He grants them an opportunity to purchase something; but in 2014, this giver also wanted to ‘give’ back to the police force that usually is the bearer of bad news to those they pull over.   In asking policemen to be the ones to hand out ‘Benjamins’, ‘Secret Santa’ was ‘giving’ the policemen the role of bearing ‘good’ news to strangers instead of the usual warnings and citations of the law.

Similarly, I want to be a ‘Secret Santa’ in the coming new year.  I want to give without thought of getting something in return.  I want to give of my resources, time, love and friendship without looking over my shoulder.

I want to follow the words of the Lord Jesus Himself when He said:  “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35, New International Version)

Join me in being a ‘Secret Santa’ type ‘giver’  – now – and in the coming new year!

by Leslie Crawley, Realtor for Realty One Group

Assistant to Jacki Tait of Team Three 23

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