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IMG_1735Sosoba’s is a fun and trendy noodle shop in downtown Flagstaff, AZ.  Joshua Riesner, one of the owners, says the restaurant was “started to fill a niche” and that the food is  “Japaneseish” and “unabashedly inauthentic”.  Kyle Hashashita, says that they serve “prefectural ramen”.  It has also been said that Josh and Tyler have “reinvented ramen“.

This unique little restaurant is truly something to tell your friends about.  Spicy and tantalizing aromas fill the air upon entry.  Friendly wait staff are quick to greet you and find you a sit.  Rarely have I come during the lunch or dinner hours to find the place empty.  Usually, it is hard to find a seat, so go early if you want to sit down.  My husband and I love to go during happy hour from 5-6 p.m. because their noodle bowls are half price.  It is a great way to share a meal or for the two of us to enjoy a great meal for a great value.

The food is uniquely crafted into gourmet looking dishes of noodles, pork, chicken, seafood, beef and lots of fresh and colorful veggies.  Many hang out at Sosoba’s for their appetizers and happy hour drinks.  Their “balls of fire”, or better known as their macaroni and cheese balls and their fried cauliflower are my favorites.  Their Dump Truck salad is also a delectable delight filled with an incredible number of different veggies and flavorful dressing.

Tyler Christiansen and Joshua Rinser opened Sosoba’s on November 14, 2014 and have been growing and improving ever since the doors flew open.  They have been growing to the point that their second one stop noodle shop opened in January of 2016 in downtown Phoenix at 214 W. Roosevelt.

Sosoba’s finds itself serving a variety of guests with many international students enjoying the fare as well.  Sosoba’s is high on our list.  Take a friend and enjoy!  If you go, have them tell you about “ramen radio”.  Don’t forget that Team Tait sent you!


One stop noodle shop

By Leslie Crawley, Assistant to Jacki Tait


Veggies in Ramen Bowl

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