When Politics Meets Your Pocketbook – Experience Flagstaff Episode 10

Welcome to the Experience Flagstaff Podcast Episode 10.  Joining us is Stuart McDaniel, Financial Advisor with Vora Financial and Coconino County Chair of the Republican Party. We talk to Stuart about when Politics and your Pocketbook meet.  We’re also looking at the first 6 weeks of 2019 in the Real Estate Market in Flagstaff Arizona.  And we wrap up with a fun recommendation of things to do in Flagstaff, AZ. 

In Episode 10 of the Experience Flagstaff Podcast:

We take a look at Flagstaff real estate in early 2019. And while we didn’t specifically talk about it on the podcast in this episode, you also invited you to visit report.experienceflagstaff.com to sign up for a housing report segmented by zip code to stay on top of your neighborhood values.

  • January 2019  – Flagstaff AZ Real Estate Market
    • Jacki covers the average and median selling prices for single family homes in Flagstaff, AZ for January 2019 . She also takes a look at wherethings in the local real estate market are trending and where we are in mid-February.
    • For more details and stats, visit the video featured below, or click here to watch on Youtube.
    • Contact Jacki and her team at 888-TEAM-323 for more details about your specific real estate needs.
  • Interview with Stuart McDaniels
    • Cover what effects happened during the Government Shutdown on our finances.
    • What you can do to protect yourself financially against unforeseen circumstances.
    • Watch a brief video snippet from the interview on Youtube here.
  • Fun things to do in Flagstaff
  • Other Resources

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