River Rafting & Hiking in the Grand Canyon

How do you put into words a once in a lifetime experience?

Our 7 day, 6 night river trip down the 87 miles of Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Phantom Ranch was an incredible bucket list adventure for my husband and I! Our guides revealed to us a few of the Grand Canyon mysteries on our daily hikes into territory rarely beheld by human eyes.  The beauty was overwhelming!  The stunning and vibrantly colored limestone cliffs and rock layers rose progressively before us, getting higher and higher as our journey evolved. Each day our hikes into side canyons introduced us to new and rarely travelled experiences. Seeing weathered wooden boats abandoned by early river pioneers, fossils, petroglyphs and broken pottery shards from ancient civilizations reminded us of former times that inspire respect, invite imagination and quiet the soul.


Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

Various hikes to Native American ruins, recessed caverns with surprising moss covered waterfalls, trails traversed through narrow winding gorges with towering wind and sand carved rock formations that close us in on both sides are forever etched in my memory.

Last but not least, experiencing the well-known sights of Marble Canyon, the fern-fringed spring of Vasey’s Paradise, the cool, dark recesses of Redwall Cavern and the climactic swim in the brilliant turquoise blue waters of the Little Colorado River made this trip an adventure of a lifetime!

Vasey's Paradise                                       Waterfalls in Grand Canyon

One thing about living in Flagstaff, AZ is that we are only 1.5 hours from the south rim of the Grand Canyon.  I love living this close to such an amazing place.


J & L at North Rim of Grand Canyon

Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime – book your hikes and river running experiences down the Grand Canyon and Colorado River soon.

AND – Never Forget ——– “GO TEAM TAIT!”

By Leslie Crawley

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