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Whether you’re a visitor or Flagstaff local, this episode gives you some things to know about Flagstaff, AZ

From transportation to weather, from events to trivia, episode 2 of the Experience Flagstaff podcast is a look at things to know about Flagstaff.

Things to know about Flagstaff AZ

If you’ve never been to Flagstaff, you’ll appreciate getting to know a few facts, tips and tricks about our mountain town.  And if you’re a local, you’ll appreciate some of the tips I’m sharing in this episode as well!

Things to know about Flagstaff:

Highlighted in this episode:

  • Fun Facts.  Typical weather, our elevation, and other Flagstaff basics.
  • Transportation: How to get to Flagstaff, tips about the highways and roadways, parking information, airport info and more.
  • Dark Town Community: What does that mean, why is Flagstaff a Dark Skies town, and some fun facts about our dedication to the skies!
  • Upcoming events: A few highlights of events going on all month long in November.
  • And more!

Join host Jacki Tait, lead agent for Team Three 23 Real Estate Group as she walks you through the things to know about Flagstaff.

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Resources from Episode 2 of the Experience Flagstaff podcast:

The Experience Flagstaff Facebook Group

Flagstaff Visitor’s Guide

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About Team Three 23 Real Estate Group

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