Brix Restaurant and Wine Bar in Flagstaff, AZ

Brix Restaurant and Wine Bar represents world renown fine dining and is quite the gourmet find in the quaint town of Flagstaff, AZ.

IMG_2101We had the privilege of being invited to dine at Brix Restaurant this spring.  Our experience could be described as superb fine dining with sensational cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere.

I felt pampered from the time we entered the front door.  Our evening reminded me of European dining where enjoying the entire meal with friends over several courses of cuisine is a requirement while no one is looking over your shoulder trying to see how much is left on your plate vying for your table.

Located in the old Carriage House building built in 1909 at 413 N. San Francisco Street in downtown Flagstaff, Brix has an antiquated charm that is unique and hard to replicate.  Built by a banker named Pollock, for the purpose of storing his fine carriages and later, cars, the Carriage House is another Flagstaff historic landmark being used in a different way than originally intended.

Paul and Laura Moir opened Brix in 2006.  Their former restaurant knowledge spanning all areas of the business helped them establish S.L.O. (LLC).  Sustainable, Local and Organic LLC fosters the idea of “community through supporting local communities and nourishing local food economies”.  S.L.O. (LLC) also owns and operates Proper Meats and Provisions as well as Criollo Restaurant in Flagstaff.  In 2007, Brix was named one of the hottest new restaurants in the world by Conde Nast Traveller, a luxury travel Magazine.  Brittany, one of the hostesses, explains that food at Brix is an art.  I agree with Brittany – the cuisine at Brix truly does seem like an art form.  One of which I look forward to experiencing again soon.  I highly recommend the roasted duck and the lemon herb risotto (for those of us who are gluten free).

Make Brix Restaurant and Wine Bar your next fine dining experience in Flagstaff.  I don’t think you will be sorry.  Always remember that Team Tait sent you!

by Leslie Crawley, Assistant to Jacki Tait



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