Hikes in Flagstaff and Northern Arizona

Horse property for sale in Timberline Flagstaff areaHikes in Flagstaff and Northern Arizona contain some of the most spectacular mountain views and beautiful scenic vistas as anywhere in the world.  My favorite hike recently is the hike up Fern Mountain.  This mountain is next to the Nature Conservancy off of Forest Service Road 151.  The top of Fern Mountain provides an amazing vista of mountains, Ponderosa forest, valleys, Flagstaff and neighboring communities and the far off Grand Canyon.  The colorful mountain meadow flowers decorate the hillsides and valleys in brilliant displays at the right time of year.  Fern Mountain is also thick with quaking Aspen trees and Ponderosa Pines.

Another favorite hike is the Kachina Trail up Snowball Road at the end of the first parking lot for the Snowbowl ski area.  This trail is higher in elevation than Fern Mountain and usually a light jacket is required if hiking in the early or late summer days or autumn.  One of the reasons I like this trail is that it runs parallel to the mountain and does not require a large uphill ascent.  I also like the pockets of Aspen forests and wide open meadows that this trail boasts.

Two other beautiful Northern Arizona trails are in the upper Sedona area called Soldier’s Pass and Brin’s Mesa.  These display the enormous bolder formations of the Coconino and Kaibab limestone and are beautiful no matter what time of day you are hiking.  In summer months, the temperatures on these trails can be quite hot.  It is suggested that you hike Soldier’s Pass and Brin’s Mesa in the cool of early morning or evening in the summertime.  The red colors of the rocks, contrasting green of bushes and trees along with the backdrop of a deep blue sky can be stunning in these areas.

I do not think you will be disappointed if you choose to hike any of these trails.  I love them all and mentioned them because we are hiking them more than once.  We will and do come back to these over and over for our hiking adventures.

We hope you will take advantage of all Flagstaff and Northern Arizona has for you – including letting us help you fulfill your Flagstaff real estate dreams.  Remember that Team Three 23 sent you.

Leslie Crawley, Assistant to Jacki Tait

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