Going Green at Home – Article in Flagstaff Business News

In the January edition of Flagstaff Business News, I wrote an article on Going Green at Home.  There’s an increase in awareness when it comes to “going green” in real estate.  Most people want to save money on their energy bills and look to sustainablity experts to help them know which improvements can help them […]

Going Green at Home – Where to Start

If you are looking at going green at home, the place to start is by assessing your goals.  When most people think of “greening” their home, they often think of energy efficiency and cost saving benefits.  While those are two very valid aspects of going green, there are other motivators as well.  Health benefits such […]

Facts About Recycling

    Facts about Recycling.  Did you ever wonder if recycling REALLY makes a difference?  Here are a few facts about recycling to consider the next time you’re tempted to throw that water bottle in the garbage instead of the recycle bin!  The fact that really sticks out to me is that 75% of our waste […]