Going Green at Home – Article in Flagstaff Business News

Going Green at Home - Jacki Tait Flagstaff GREEN realtorIn the January edition of Flagstaff Business News, I wrote an article on Going Green at Home.  There’s an increase in awareness when it comes to “going green” in real estate.  Most people want to save money on their energy bills and look to sustainablity experts to help them know which improvements can help them do so.

But there’s so much more to going green than just saving money on energy bills.  The most important thing to know when considering the “WHAT” behind going green is first knowing the “WHY.”

This article in Flagstaff Business News helps consumers determine their motivation and thereby know the right course of action to take.

As a GREEN certified Real Estate Agent and a member of the United States Green Building Council, I am happy to help you answer questions and determine which choices will make the most sense in your effort to go green at home.  Whether remodeling your existing home or buying a new home, I can help show you which improvements can help you meet your goals, which are the best for resale purposes, and which so-called green improvements aren’t really green at all.

Have a question?  Need help with your efforts at going green at home?  Contact me – I’m here to help.

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