Telling the Story of a Home for Sale

What is the key to selling your home?  It’s not just about taking pictures, listing it on MLS, and waiting for your buyer to magically arrive.

The KEY to selling a home is all on how the story of that home is told.

That’s right.  Every home has a story to tell, and potential buyers WANT to know that story.

So when you’re looking for the right real estate agent to hire to sell your home, don’t just look for a “Listing Agent.”  Look for a Master Story Teller.

As the Lead Agent of Team Three 23 with Realty ONE Group Mountain Desert, we don’t want to List your Home.  We want to SELL it.  Any agent can build up an inventory of homes.  But if an agent is building up an inventory of listings, that means they’re not actually SELLING those homes.  And when you hire an agent, isn’t that what you want?  Your home SOLD?

That’s what we do.  And we do it by telling your home’s story.

The higher the price point, the more important the story becomes.  But that being said, we tell the story of EVERY home we list for sale.  Even the ones we know will sell before they even hit the MLS!

So how do we tell the story of a home for sale?

  • Professional Photography.  It all starts with the right images.  But just having the right imagery isn’t enough.  You have to have enough photos to truly tell the home’s story.  And when you create your marketing, you have to display those images in the right order, allowing the potential buyer to get a feel for the flow of the home.
  • Videos. With some homes, it’s enough to take the professional photos and put them into a slideshow style video.  But with higher end homes, it is necessary to think outside of the box.  These homes will stay on the market longer than those in the median price range.  So how can we make these homes stand out?
      • We’ve highlighted our listings on TV shows:

      • Done thorough walk-through videos that allows the home’s personality to shine through:

      • Commercials:

      • We’ve held exclusive events and created videos at those events:

      • Slideshow style videos with captions for easy scrolling on social media platforms like Facebook:

    All of these are different ways to truly highlight a home’s story.  The method we use is based on the house itself.

  • Property Websites:  At Team Three 23, we use all the tools at our fingertips to create an individual web presence for the homes we sell.  Here’s an example of the property website we’ve built for 40 N Lake Hills Drive in Flagstaff.
  • Social Media. We stay connected to our communities through Facebook pages, places, and groups, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.  We tell the story of your home specifically, and we tell the story of the community where your home is located.  It’s every bit as important to tell the story of the town and community – because home buyers aren’t JUST buying homes.  They are buying a lifestyle.  That’s why we’re active in social media on MANY fronts.  We also use video to highlight things like:
      • Statistics – Real Estate Market reports are sent out on a regular basis via our email newsletter.  We also highlight those statistics in videos like

  • Community Events: We love to highlight fun things going on in our community!

These are ways that we tell the story of your home to get the most exposure possible.  It’s our goal to get your home sold to a buyer who will cherish it as much as you have!

Want to see how we can tell the story of YOUR home?  Contact me and let’s have a chat.

All my best,

Jacki Tait
Lead Agent, Team Three 23
Realty ONE Group Mountain Desert

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