High Country Raptors at Bearizona


Susan, Raptor Rehabilitator of High Country Raptors

No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.


Asian Owl named “George”

  But  – what if the bird cannot fly – what if the bird wants to soar with his own wings but can’t – what if man or natural causes has prohibited this bird from flying – what happens next?

Most birds will die – but for Susan and her High Country Raptor Team – saving birds is a way of life!   Raptor rehabilitation involves the care and treatment of sick, injured or orphaned raptors with the hope that they can be released back into the wild.  The Raptor Free Flight Program at Bearizona beautifully displays what can be done for the rehabilitation of birds who were left for dead.   With audience participation, these amazing birds fly right over our heads using us for lift.   They seem to enjoy our ooooos and ahhhhhhs as we feel the air from their wings and clap in enjoyment.   

Susan and her team also use these birds for educational purposes in schools and learning programs.
Sign for Raptor Free Flight Program

Sign for Raptor Free Flight Program

Game and Fish report statistics showing raptors only having a lifespan of three years.  80% of a raptor’s chicks die in the first year.  The number one predator of a raptor is man.  Susan and her High Country Raptor Team help people understand raptors, their habits, lifespan and how people can help these birds live longer and thrive in their natural habitat!  They have an incredible free flight program that acquaints you with these wonderful birds and their amazing flying abilities.  Don’t miss the inspiring free flight program of the High Country Raptors at Bearizona!

Make sure you remember who sent you!  GO TEAM TAIT!
By Leslie Crawley, Assistant to Jacki Tait, Realtor
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