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The Downtown Shops in Flagstaff, AZ

The Downtown Shops in Flagstaff, AZ

Did someone say, “Shopping”?  

There is nothing quite like the Old Town Shops in Flagstaff, AZ.  This quaint shopping mall in the heart of the downtown area is the rave that attracts the summer crowd and is a great place to “hang out” in the evenings or when the monsoon summer rains come pouring down!  From theme-filled soap to gourmet chocolate to finger lickin’ Bar-B-Que to a little bit of everything in between, these imaginative shops provide for a wide range of browsing fun.

Three great restaurants reside in the mall area.  One is Diablo Burger (See separate blog post).  Another one is creatively called “Mix“.  It stands for “mixing” your own choice of salad fixings.  They serve amazing homemade soups and a variety of sandwiches as well.

Soap at PJ Chilcottage

Soap at PJ Chilcottage

The other yummy place to eat is “Big Foot Bar-B-Que” in the downstairs area!  They have two sides to the restaurant.  One side is for all the sports fans who want to watch the sport of the hour while they eat.  The other side is for everyone else.

Twice a year, PJ Chilcottage offers a “Girls Night Out” event where grandmothers, moms, daughters, and girlfriends can all hang out, eat some food and actually make their own soap bars!  It’s loads of inventive fun and the best thing about it is you get to make two soap bars for FREE!  Yes – you read correctly – you can make TWO soap bars for FREE!

The Sage Brush Trading Company is a “must see” kind of store.  Once inside you can’t miss their actual “truck on the wall” logo and their sale items are usually parked in front.  I love going to their twice a year “Dance With The One That Brung Ya” sales!  Quite the fun time for all!

You must not miss the downstairs area.  A fish pool with rather large fish dazzle your eyes as you come down the stairs.  This area hosts what my family likes to term “the famous” Basement Marketplace.  When my college and career age nieces come to town, they love to shop there.  One niece loves it so much that she orders online all the way from Texas!  I personally love their earrings and clearance sale items!

Flagstaff Chocolate Company

Flagstaff Chocolate Company

If you are a chocolate lover and before you leave the mall, you must taste the locally made chocolate from the colorful Flagstaff Chocolate Company and Ice Cream Store!  The chocolate and carmel covered apples make my mouth water.  The jelly bean area is as exciting as it is colorful.  I think I feel my sweet tooth making its daily sugar drive!

If you are passing through town or a local yocal, the Old Town Shops are exciting and fun anytime of the year!  Don’t forget to mention that Team Tait sent you!  We would love to meet all your Northern Arizona real estate needs!

Go Team Tait!

By Leslie Crawley, Assistant to Jacki Tait


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