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Diablo Burger

Diablo Burger, Downtown Heritage Square, Flagstaff, AZ

Rated as one of the top fifty burger joints in the United States, Diablo Burger has become a Flagstaff Heritage Square hot spot for gourmet burger lovers and tourists!! Located outside of the downtown shops, in a corner of Heritage Square, you will find Diablo Burger. A quaint, little restaurant that boasts one of the best burgers in Arizona! Their patent branded “db” English muffin buns and their “made at home” style meat burgers remind me of the kind my Dad used to grill on the open fire while camping with the family in the summertime. A friend and I tried the veggie burger a few nights ago, and it was amazing – gluten free and no corn. Of course, it was smothered with our “build your own” options that make a Diablo burger beyond yummy – lots of whole-roasted garlic, carmelized onions, grilled avocado, provolone cheese and creamy, pesto sauce! Also, one cannot overlook their “one-of-a-kind” spiced fries that have a flare of their own – a must try!

Diablo Burger patent branded buns

db Patent Branded Buns

Diablo Burger is all about LOCAL – using all capitals please! It stands for supporting and sustaining LOCAL farms, ranches and places where they choose to buy their meat, produce and other restaurant needs. Serving hormone free, grass-fed local beef from the Diablo Trust ranches of the Flying M and the Bar T Bar costs money. This is not a low-budget burger. Price needs to be a consideration when eating here. Seating can be an issue – especially in the summer or any given weekend. Plan on eating early if you don’t want to wait and want a table inside. Sitting outside is available and can be fun when the weather is agreeable. My husband and I love this funky gourmet burger place, but not everyone agrees. If you want a medium-well to well done burger, you need to make it very clear up front. Diablo Burger is known for their “pink” meat. The wait can be long, seating limited and be prepared to pay the price of a gourmet burger.

Diablo Burger LOCAL Menu

Diablo Burger LOCAL Menu

Should you try it? YES – if you like quality burgers, give this one a try and write your OWN review! Don’t forget to tell them that Team TAIT sent you and can’t WAIT to meet ALL your real estate needs!

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