Kelly Janecek, Art Walk Featured Artist

Kelly Janecek at June 3, 2015 Art Walk, Criollo Restaurant

Kelly Janecek at June 3 Art Walk, Criollo Restaurant

The June 3rd Art Walk in Flagstaff, AZ featured artist, Kelly Janecek, at Criollo restaurant.

Ever since Kelly was a young child, she noticed color. She enjoyed seeing artists creating and displaying their art. Today, she continues being drawn to the creative side of the people around her.  Kelly’s growing passion for art and being an artist are colorfully visible on her website.

Six years ago in the midst of a busy life of raising two kids, Kelly wanted to do something for herself. She began playing around with art in any spare time she could afford. Fortunately, her neighbor, a professional artist, opened the door for Kelly’s artistic playground by literally opening her backyard studio and telling Kelly, “Go play and have fun!”

Kelly enjoys the company of a number of artistic friends who have encouraged her over the years.  She wants to continue her art and learning from other artists while maintaining her priorities of being a working wife and mom. At this point, being an artist means getting up between 4 and 5 a.m. to play in her art studio before her work begins.

The best way to describe Kelly’s art is in her own words found on her website:

“I paint what catches my eye or my sense of humor. I like simple compositions and objects slightly abstracted. Living where I do I can’t help but be inspired by the open spaces and colors of the Colorado Plateau – all of which influence my work whether I’m painting an object or an abstract. At the heart of it, I paint what makes me grin.”  (copied by permission)


Kelly’s art remains on display at Criollo restaurant at 16 N. San Francisco, Flagstaff, AZ, throughout the month of June.  See for yourself the full array of her color and style by visiting her website!


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By Leslie Crawley, Assistant to Jacki Tait

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