Flagstaff Snowplay in 2020

Flagstaff!  It’s the perfect place to play when it snows. Too often we see people driving up to play in the snow without having a game plan as to where they will go or even what they will do.  So before you just gear up and head out, we recommend downloading the Flagstaff Snowplay Map 2020.

This is a great resource put together by the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau.  In it you’ll find all the different places you can enjoy winter outdoor activities.  The map is coded to show you what activites you can do where.  Here’s a brief overview by location:

Remember to stay safe while you’re out there playing.  Here’s a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your Flagstaff Snowplay:

Getting unstuck from the snow in Flagstaff Arizona

It took this whole group of people to get an SUV unstuck from the snow.

Be prepared.  Bundle up and dress appropriately.  Even if you’re just going to drive around in the snow, be prepared in case your car has issues or gets stuck.  My husband and I were out on our Honda Pioneer doing some offroading when we came across a young couple in their SUV.  They were stuck deep in the woods – somewhere outside of cell service range. They had been there for a while trying to get out.  And all they had on were jeans and t-shirts with gym shoes.  They were totally unprepared to hike back.  If we hadn’t come across them, it could have been a dangerous situation for them.  We couldn’t tow them out as our vehicle wasn’t heavy enough to do so.  We ended up driving back to a place where there were several vehicles parked.  We asked a few different groups before we found a group of people who had the right equipment and were willing to go back into the woods to try and tow the couple out.  It took quite a bit of maneuvering, but the good news is all of us accomplished getting the SUV out!

Stay off the Freeways.  There are so many fun places to enjoy the snow in Flagstaff.  Don’t think that you have to stop off on the side of the freeway when you see a good hill.  I get it – the kids are excited and you’re thinking it will be a quick and easy fix.  But it’s super dangerous and not worth the risk.

Sleds left behind after the snow melts – photo credit Coconino County Sheriff’s Office

Don’t leave ANYTHING behind.  Whatever you bring with you to play with, please pack it up and dispose of it properly.  Every year we see so many sleds left behind.  It’s disgusting! There’s no excuse for leaving behind items.  A lost glove?  Understandable!  A broken sled? Nope.  It’s super easy to take it with you when you leave and throw it away properly.

Hopefully these tips and resources are helpful.  If you want to learn more, listen to our Experience Flagstaff Podcast episode 6 “Things to Do in Flagstaff When it Snows

And if you have any suggestions on fun places to play in the snow in Flagstaff, feel free to leave a comment below!

Have fun and stay safe this winter,

Jacki Tait, Co-Lead Agent, Team Three 23 Real Estate


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