Higher Grounds Coffee

How do you say “Fair Trade” & “Organic”?

You say:  “Higher Grounds“!

This quaint, close-to-the-college coffee cafe is one of my favorites!  I love to “hang-out” on their comfortable living room type chairs, peruse the internet and sip hot coffee flavored with vanilla and coconut milk.   Friends and I meet here once a week to catch up and enjoy a cup of java together.IMG_1359

This not for profit offers high speed-internet, fair-trade organic coffee, a wide range of coffee flavors along with smoothies, an array of cold and hot drinks, breakfast burritos and pastries.  Having been open only three years, Higher Grounds is fast becoming a college hotspot with a “getter done” attitude.  Featuring high speed internet with their fair-trade organic coffee, tables are often seen piled high with college books, laptops and papers as college students and faculty work to make their deadlines!  Other groups are often seen meeting here to discuss business, work on college projects and seemingly discuss hot topics of the day!

Another feature that is popular at Higher Grounds is the book area.  There are bookshelves with books for you to read while you drink your coffee and relax, or you can bring a book you have already read and leave it for others while taking a book home for yourself to read.  The room has nooks and crannies for you to read and study and be alone, and areas for groups to meet and socialize.

The walls exhibit the art of local artists that change on a monthly basis.  Music lovers can enjoy open mike night every Friday evening.  Chalkboards share proverbs and quotes from famous people.  The customer service is always willing to please and very accommodating!  Windows line one long wall so there is lots of natural light making for a cheery and pleasant atmosphere.  Higher Grounds has great hours of Monday through Saturday from seven to seven.  Sunday they are open from seven to six while only being closed three days a year for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

I highly recommend bringing a friend or two and enjoying some ‘higher grounds’ coffee while always remembering that Team Tait sent you!!

From my friends and I – “Here’s to ya!”                                                                          By Leslie Crawley, Assistant to Jacki TaitIMG_1353






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