Flagstaff General Store owner Heidi Kruger – Episode 4

Interview with Flagstaff General Store owner Heidi Kruger

The Experience Flagstaff podcast is where we explore the ways to Live, Work, and Play in Flagstaff, AZ.  In Episode 4, we look at the top 5 tips to get your home ready to sell.  Jacki also interviews Heidi Kruger, owner of the Flagstaff General Store.  And we talk about a few fun events coming up.  Join us and Experience Flagstaff.

Things to know about Flagstaff AZ

I’m so excited for you to listen to Episode 4 of the podcast!  Flagstaff General Store is one of my all time favorite shops in Downtown Flagstaff.  I love visiting the store whenever I’m downtown if I have time.  And owner Heidi Kruger is a fun and forward thinking business owner.  The interview was lots of fun. I know you’re going to love her and love her store, too!

~ Jacki Tait, Host of Experience Flagstaff

In Episode 4 of Experience Flagstaff:

  • MARKET IN A MINUTE:  A look at the Real Estate market in Flagstaff, AZ for the week of 10/28/18-11/3/18 in one minute.
  • LIVE: Getting ready to sell your home?  I give my top 5 tips for getting your house ready to hit the market.  There are LOTS of other tips I could give, but if you at least do these 5, you’ll be able to get much better results.
  • WORK: I interview Heidi Kruger, owner of the Flagstaff General Store.  We talk about Downtown Flagstaff, being dedicated to shopping local,  some fun events and promotions coming up, and lots more.
  • PLAY: Ladies Night, The Nutcracker, and Dance Lessons

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Resources from Episode 4 of the Experience Flagstaff podcast:

The Experience Flagstaff Facebook Group

Flagstaff General Store website

Flagstaff General Store Instagram

Flagstaff General Store Facebook

Ladies Night Event 

About Team Three 23 Real Estate Group

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